Psst! wanna’ buy a Barcade-a-Tron?

Edited 11/12/2015

Update: the first batch is sold out!

I’ll post here when I’m ready to do another run. Probably early 2016?

So here’s me updating this blog after years of neglect.

I have been working on producing a small run (x3) of 2-player bartop arcade machines.

So far pricing is around $599 which lets me recoup costs and just about makes it worth the effort. Also the offer is only for people living in the Perth metro area or willing to pickup from here. Sorry anyone else, however if I get enough interest I will look into flat pack shipping diy kits in the future.

If I sell through the first batch at this price I’ll make another small run of 3 or 4 units (more if there’s demand). It takes a few weeks to resupply parts and about a week to build a few units so if you want one sooner, be quick.

Anyone interested should drop me an email with the words “Arcade machine” in the subject.


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