Drift-2 suspension mod

I have written a guide for the front suspension mod on my Drift-2 Go-Kart:


3 Responses to Drift-2 suspension mod

  1. Jamie Everington says:

    I was reading your article on the drift kart 2 front suspension modifications and you mention that you tinkered with the rear suspension as well.Would be very interested in information on that but I can’t find anything on your website about this. Would really be appreciative if you could supply any info.



    • wimwiddershins says:

      Hi Jamie. Thanks for your interest.
      There’s not much to add, re: the rear suspension. I ended up taking the springs out and making the rear rigid (no shock absorbers). It makes the gear linkages to the engine a lot simpler and I don’t really notice much difference in ride. I was planning on adding larger rear tires anyway (16″) and these would probably add some spring to the rear – as well as improve traction.

      • Jamie Everington says:

        Ok thanks for your reply. We have two of the front suspension, 9 hp versions of the drift kart and the front shocks might as well not be there so are going to be replaced(hence my interest in your conversion) as well as the rear ones. We already have the 16 inch tyres on the front and rear. Probably going to fit larger 18 or 20 inch balloon tyres and a Tav 40 Torque Converter to take up the extra load.



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