GoKart New engine.

Now that the daily temp here has dropped below 30 degrees, I’m starting to think about messing around with my Go-Kart some more. The 2-speed transmission has been successful and fun, but the Kart with its modest 6.5hp power-plant lacks the kind of power I’m used to with my previous builds (both had motorcycle engines with hp in the double digits).

I have a 250cc engine from a Suzuki GN250 which rates somewhere around 15-20Hp and comes with a 5-speed gearbox. It’s a pretty good upgrade from the centrifugal clutched stationary unit.

To fit the engine I might have to extend the existing engine bay on the Kart and I’ll have to fit a jack-shaft to get the chain running forward from the engine. A road bike engine isn’t the best fit for an off-road Kart because I’ll have to fit a lot of electronics and/or strip out the unnecessary bits and probably have to make sure the engine gets good air flow at low speed.

This is probably going to take a few months to get done, I’ll be sure to post the progress here as it gets going.

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