GoKart 2-speed transmission

I’ve updated my site with details of my most recent hobby project. Designing and building a 2-speed transmission for my Drift-2 off-road gokart.


4 Responses to GoKart 2-speed transmission

  1. Jonathon says:

    if you could, shoot me an email at “email” i would like to get more info on the dimensions and stuff like that

    • wimwiddershins says:

      I haven’t recorded accurate dimensions, I just built it as I went. The only real critical dimensions are between the two shaft centres, which depends on the gauge chain used (I used 08B). The dog clutch is 90mm dia disks with 8mm studs, but again this is only a suggestion, everything else is sort of dependant on what your fitting it to.

      I suggest anyone building something similar use the info I’ve provided as a rough-guide only, and work out the fine details in a way that best suits their specific implementation.

      I know I’m kinda dodging the question here, sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  2. chris says:

    could you please supply the address of gear suppler mentioned in your article as I have a project that needs such a part

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