Something to wreck?

July 27, 2009

I got fidgety around 3pm Sunday afternoon and decided to go into my shed to wreck make something.

I found my old Atari Lynx handheld and decided to open it up for the upteenth time to take a look at its gubbins, that would waste a few minutes while I thought up something more useful to do with myself. Once I had the thing open I remembered toying with the idea of swapping out the fluro backlight (which accounts for more than half of the Lynx’s power drain) for some white LED’s.

I had some used LEDs from another project that either failed or outlived it’s usefullness.

After a bit of farting about I managed to remove the fluro and replace it with two white LEDs fitted into the ends of a short length of milky white plastic tube. The whole thing acts like a fluro but drains about a quarter of the power. It’s not yet perfect but gets the job done.

I put the Lynx back in storage where it’ll probably stay till its next brush with being destroyed.

One Sunday afternoon used up.

Here’s a very good guide to doing the same thing to a Gamegear.