Black Betty?

March 20, 2009

It lives!

“Black Betty” is finally complete, here is a stack of pics showing what Ive done.

I applied the black primer, then sanding and very fine filling, patching etc. One nice thing was the primer dried with a slightly rough spatter-texture finish, I decided to leave this in place on the grip area but sand and smooth all the other parts. Having used a black primer it was straight forward applying topcoats of matte black, I applied about 5 or 6 light coats until coverage was complete then one more slightly heavier coat over that to give it some durability. The whole thing was left to cure over about four hot days of 30+ degrees, hot weather is good for something.

After that, I just put it all together, there were no major dramas. Final finishing involved spraying the grip base a nice silver colour and adding some gunmetal effect to the gun itself using graphite powder applied to all the raised surfaces, this will need to be touched up now and then but I find it gives a more realistic dark metal look than using the dry brush and metal paint technique.

As you can see, I also made some “rock” bullets. These are made from black 6mm acrylic that I smashed into little sharp bits then glued back together in a rock-look-alike way. Some basic painting, gloss on the sharps and matte rusty-black on the base give them their final look. They can be removed from the brass cartridge in case we want to shoot spent cartridges or try another look for the bullets.

So, that’s that. I guess I will get on and build a simplified stunt version for the scenes where the gun gets handled roughly, this one is way to fragile to be thrown across a room.


Final parts photos.

March 5, 2009

Here is another stack of photos, this time showing all the parts that go in to making up the gun.
I wanted to detail these before hitting them with black primer which will obscure all my hard work.

Shortly after these photos were taken I primed all the parts, now they’re black, it looks good.

This is a beast of a gun!

Pictures, at last!

March 3, 2009

Greeble season is at an end and its time to put the glue away.

Here is a stack of pics showing some of the details that have been added to the gun. I make no promises that there wont be a few more tweaks and changes before my next post /wink. This is my favourite part when building props and I have to discipline myself not to go too far and end up with a baroque effect.

These pics should give some nice comparisons with the painted article. I’ve noticed in the past, people wont believe the prop is made from bits and pieces once it’s painted.
I’ve sourced some black plastic primer which should make hiding all the different coloured bits a lot easier.

Woo, it’s getting close to looking like the final thing now.