How do you spell greebling?

I spent 5 hours in the workshop today greebling, adding little details to the gun prop. It’s something you can spend hours doing without achieving anything dramatically obvious.
I’ve added a few things, like adjustment knobs, screw heads and fittings here and there to break up all the flat surfaces. I don’t want to over do it. Also, I’m working on tidying up the whole thing, filling and sanding here and there and removing any little defects.
It should be ready for a base coat very soon now, we’ll finally be able to get an idea of what the finished thing will look like.

More pics coming soon.


2 Responses to How do you spell greebling?

  1. Rubbernecker says:

    How do you spell tidying?

  2. wimwiddershins says:

    Fixed. Thanks for the spell-check.

    Ironic, given the post title.

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