Shotgun Pistol, Barrel Pivot.

Here’s the barrel pivot, it doesnt look like much yet but its nice and accurate and strong. It’s also spring loaded so when the actor flips the barrel lock the barrels will spring open allowing him to reload.


The pivot hinge is built onto the main aluminium part which holds the triggers, grip and barrel lock. The black piece is acrylic fixed to aluminium strips which make up body of the the hinge. There’s a spring above the hinge set into drilled channels and the hinge is shaped to stop at about 35-40 degrees off horizontal. This brings the barrels up nice and high for reloading whilst not so far as to look silly.

Now I have all the mechanics completed, I plan to start fleshing the thing out. This is the part where it starts to look like a gun instead if a bunch of parts, so it should begin to get interesting.


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