Shotgun Pistol – mechanisms

The trigger and barrel lock mechanisms are in place. All of this is aluminium for extra strength. Each part is spring loaded for good positive returns. Also, I want them to be repairable and replaceable so I’ve tapped threads where possible. All this takes a bit more time and effort than I’d like, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.


A left side shot of the small trigger spring mechanism. It’s a very simple and gives 4-5mm travel, subtle but it will add realism during filming.


The Barrel locking lever. This is again spring loaded, it will grab onto the top part of the barrel when flipped back after loading. it needs to have a good amount of grab so the barrels don’t accidentally flip open when the gun is waved about. I’ll tweak the shape of the grabbing “tooth” once I have the barrel pivot built and the barrels fitted. I’m thinking about making the barrel pivot itself spring loaded so that it flips open when the lock lever is pressed, if it’s doable it should look pretty cool.

We’ll find out if that’s possible in the next instalment…


One Response to Shotgun Pistol – mechanisms

  1. RAZ says:

    Looking good!!! keep up the good work.

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