Shotgun Pistol – cont’d…

Ive been working on the main internal part (I’m calling it the trigger piece) of the pistol.
Ive built this from 6mm aluminium both for strength and because I want the trigger guard to be real silver coloured metal.
The pistol needs to be quite rigid around this area for a few reasons; this part has the barrel pivot mechanism attached and I’d like the actor to be able to flip open the barrels with a wrist flick. Also the barrel lock will be attached to this piece and that needs to be a good positive lock. In addition, the trigger piece holds the trigger mechanisms and is also the main bit connecting the grip to the barrels. So it needs to be sturdy.

Its a pretty good copy from my drawing.
I make a copy of my drawing then spray-glue that to the 6mm ally stock and start shaping: First with scroll saw, then handsaw for the tight bits, then clean it up with files, grinder and dremmel, then wet and dry it to a manufactured looking finish.

I’m glad its only aluminium and not steel, final shaping with needle files is a real chore after the first hour.

From here, I can begin to build the grip area, triggers and the barrel pivot and lock. I think I’ll shape the triggers first (which will be ally) meaning the major metal shaping parts will be out the way, phew.


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