Joy Props (progress to-date).

“Joy” is a small local Sci-fi project, being filmed around my hometown of Perth WA.  I became involved through a friend who’s co-writing the film.  I’ll be volunteering some of my time, designing and constructing a bunch of the “more interesting” props for the film.  For now, I’ll be developing the unique weapons of “Joy”.

“Joy: Fireball is set in the dark and mysterious nights of an Australian city. It is a visually rich, epic journey of love and self-discovery.”

The project calls for a number of weapon props. Our main intent with all these objects is to get them looking aggressive and impressive on film.  We also want to try to get them looking unique and unusual.

Here are the concept sketches to date (28/10).

My first rough concept of the gun. It’s a double barrel handgun that takes beefy rounds.

A few very rough ideas for the Club and Rocks.

Ver-2a of the gun, now with longer barrel and actual ergonomics. At this stage I also built a sketch model out of PS foam to get a better idea of proportion and ergo.

Combining Ver-1a with Ver-2a, I liked 1a’s grip area a bit better than 2a.

Ver-4a. We’ve decided to build this one, now I have to work out how to do that. I have a few ideas…

A drawing showing how the Club, Bullets and Rocks relate to the crater.


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